College Placement Test

The College Placement Test (CPT) or ACCUPLACER is suggested for all prospective students of Early College High School Online. 

It is suggested that all High School Sophomores should prepare take the College Placement Test (CPT). The CPT or ACT is required by Southern Utah University to determine the level of college courses a prospective student is allowed to begin with upon admittance. Dixie State University does not have an absolute requirement of the CPT, but does require either the SAT, ACT or CPT to determine the level of college courses a prospective student is allowed to begin with upon admittance.

All students should take the CPT as soon as possible before registering. Students may take the CPT at a College or University near them by simply contacting the admissions department of the college or university. Students must be sure to have the college or university mail or email the CPT to Dixie State University and or Southern Utah University Admissions Departments. 

Minimum ACCUPLACER scores for placement in our college level courses:
1. Reading - 66
2. Sentence Skills - 86
3. Math - 54

Before registering for any courses, call us and let one of our knowledgeable and friendly counselors walk you through our program and all relevant applications needed to begin your exciting educational experience at Early College High School Online. Counselors will help you stay on the right path by creating a year by year curriculum map. Be sure to look to the left of this page to check out College Courses Offered Fall 2014. Counselors are ready to answer your questions and set you on the path toward your educational goals.

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