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Utah Statewide Online Education Program FAQs

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Course Credit Acknowledgement
Is Early College High School Online Accredited?
Early College High School Online is an accredited public charter school approved by the Utah State Board of Education to take part in the Utah Statewide Online Education Program.

What is the Utah Statewide Online Education Program?
All public, private and home schooled students in grades 9-12 are allowed take online high school and concurrent courses. This is especially advantageous for private and home schooled students or others interested in attaining their high school diploma. It is also advantageous for those who have a desire to get ahead and attain college credits and even an associate degree by the time they finish high school. Students take courses in accordance with their counselor-led Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP).

(*Concurrent course credits take the place of high school course credits and count towards graduation and an associate degree)

What is an SEOP?
It is the student’s counselor-led Student Education Occupation Plan that tracks the required credits needed for graduation and post-secondary goals. Students will be communicating with their school guidance counselor via phone and email to review progress and ensure they are on track to graduate with their Diploma and Associate Degree. Counselors will not impose restrictions on a student’s selection or choice of an online course that fulfills graduation requirements and is consistent with the student’s SEOP. 

What is the Cost?
The cost is low since Early College High School Online is a public school option. Students are responsible for textbooks, the $35 application fee and lab and materials fees. The full fee breakdown can be found by clicking on the Fee Info & Payments tab.

Where Would a Student take Courses?
Courses may be accessed from any computer anywhere. Students decide when and where they want to do course work. All students will be given log in information for gmail and canvas in order to log into classes and communicate with their instructors.

Are Early College High School Online Instructors Certified?
All instructors are highly qualified. Each instructor has a degree in the field they are teaching. Each instructor is certified by the state of Utah. Instructors teaching concurrent courses are certified by Southern Utah University and Dixie State University.

What is the Course Credit Agreement?
A Course Credit Agreement (Acknowledgement) verifies to the State Office of Education that the student and parent(s), primary school of enrollment, and Early College High School Online all have a knowledge and understanding that the student will be taking an online course and that it is in accordance with their SEOP. A Course Credit Agreement must be completed by both the primary school of enrollment and Early College High School Online. 

How Does a Student Enroll?
Students can enroll anytime through this website. 
    -Review courses by clicking the Course Catalog tab.
    -Choose your desired high school and concurrent courses in coordination with your SEOP.
    -Start and complete the registration process.

More Questions?
E-mail any additional questions to, or call 1-435-868-8057.