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Canvas LMS 

The Canvas LMS is easy to navigate and provides an informative way for parents to check progress. We also instruct all courses and manage all student progress on Canvas LMS. Canvas LMS provides our students and their parents with complete information on,

    *Important Dates

Our LMS can be accessed efficiently from any computer, any time! You may also access Southern Utah and Dixie State Universities Canvas. Click on the Canvas Tabs below, then enter your username and password. If you experience problems with your login or password please call or email.
 Call or Email
*Guidance Counseling: 1-435-868-8057 
*Director: 1-435-652-7830

After a successful log onto Canvas, students will notice their courses listed. They will simply click on a course and the course home page will appear. In the left pane of the page there are tabs Syllabus, Modules, Assignments, etc, which students can click to start the course.

Assessing and Navigating Your Courses

1. When you log into your Canvas course with your username and password, you will see your course homepage (see left).

2. Your homepage contains tabs on the left, which are used by your instructor. (see left)

3. The tabs will lead you to important course information such as, the syllabus, daily and weekly announcements and modules with weekly directions and assignments. (see left)

4. Assignments could be quizzes, discussions and exams. (see left)

5. The weekly modules will contain instructions, readings, assignments. (see left)