We are ready to advise current and prospective students and their parents. Current and prospective students and parents have many questions and concerns of great relevance. We are happy to assist in any way we can. Current and prospective students and their parents can reach us at 1-435-868-8057 or via email at earlycollege@utahechs.org.

Before registering for courses, call us and let one of our knowledgeable and friendly counselors walk you through our 
program and all relevant applications needed to begin your exciting educational experience at Early College High School Online.

Information About the 
Statewide Online Education Program

The SOEP enables students to earn credit toward high school graduation through publicly funded online courses. Each provider is a school district or charter school accredited for 9-12th grade education, and your school will automatically accept these credits. 

SOEP Objectives:
1. Provide students with access to online learning regardless of           where students attend school.
2. Provide high quality learning options for students regardless of       language, residence, family income, or special needs.
3. Provide online learning options to allow students to acquire the       knowledge and technology skills necessary in a digital world.
4. Utilize technology to customize education and allow students to       learn in their own style and at their own pace.
5. Allow students to customize their schedule to better meet their         academic goals. 

Eligible Students 
1. Grades 9-12 and enrolled in a Utah public school. 
2. No more credits in a year than the number of credits a student       may earn by taking a full course load during the regular school       day at the student's high school.

Graduating Early
1. A student may graduate early by taking a full course load during     the regular school day at their high school.

Forms and Contact Information
If you wish to take online courses, please contact one of our friendly and helpful counselors. Be sure to fill out a Course Credit Acknowledgement (CCA) form with the Utah State Office of Education to request online enrollment. The USOE will contact us. You and your parent(s) or guardian(s) must sign the CCA for it to be valid. When the CCA is finalized, the USOE will notify us and we will contact you by email to explain how you can use Canvas and participate 

Guidance Counseling: 1-435-652-7830

Email: earlycollege@utahechs.org

Course Credit 

More information can be found at: http://www.schools.utah.gov/edonline/

Dr. Cory Kanth 
Statewide Online Education Program Specialist, USOE 
250 E. 500 S.
PO Box 144200, 
Salt Lake City, 84114-4200 

Tel. (801) 538-7660