The New Student Task List

1. All prospective students must fill out the following form before doing anything else
    a. Course Credit Acknowledgement
            -Form tab on Prospective Students page
            -Click form tab on Prospective Students page. Call or email Guidance Counseling for help
            -When the form is received, Early College Online will contact the student and or parent or guardian

2. After Early College Online receives the CCA form, we will ask you to fill out the SUCCESS Academy application and               Student Enrollment Form and mail them in.

Mailing Address:
Early College High School Online 
at SUCCESS Academy
225 South 700 East
Technology Building-
Dixie State University
St. George, UT 84770

3. All students fill out DSU and or SUU Admission forms
    a. Form are submitted online
    b. Call or email Guidance Counseling before filling out forms 

4. All High School Sophomores should take the College Placement Test (CPT).
    a. The CPT or ACT or SAT is required by Southern Utah University to determine the level of college courses a                             prospective student is allowed to begin with upon admittance
    b. Dixie State University does not have an absolute requirement of the CPT, but does require either the SAT, ACT or                   CPT to determine the level of college courses a prospective student is allowed to begin with upon admittance

5. All accepted students will receive a Gmail and Canvas account
    a. Students need a gmail account for communication with Early College Online
    b. Students need a Canvas account in order to access their courses
    c. Once accepted into courses, students should immediately contact their instructors
    d. Students should immediately locate and read all of their course syllabi in Canvas

6. All High School Juniors must prepare to take the ACT Exam during their junior year
    a. Most colleges and universities require the ACT exam for admittance
            -Dixie State University has no ACT requirement, but will accept the ACT in place of the CPT
            -Southern Utah University requires the ACT exam in order to take college courses
    b. The ACT exam can be taken at a local high school or college
    c. Early College Online offers a ACT Prep course

7. A minimum of two exams per concurrent course will be Proctored Exams
    a. A DSU and SUU requirement
    b. A Proctored Exam can be taken online or in paper form
    c. Proctored Exams must be proctored or overseen by a administrator
    d. Students can arrange for their exams to be proctored at libraries or college and university testing centers 

8. During junior year, students should begin researching colleges and universities which fulfill their educational objectives after       high school graduation
    a. Students should research programs and scholarships
    b. Students should be prepared to begin filling out admittance and scholarship applications during the summer before their           senior year
            -Some colleges and universities commence acceptance during the summer for the following year while others begin                  acceptance later in the school year