The SUCCESS Academy
The Southern Utah Center for Computer Engineering and Science Students

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The SUCCESS Academy (Southern Utah Center for Computer Engineering and Science Students) is located in Saint George on the campus of Dixie State University and in Cedar City on the campus of Southern Utah University. 

The Academy provides motivated, focused, and diligent students the opportunity to engage in Early College experiences. Students have the opportunity to earn credit toward an Associates degree with an emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics and their high school diploma. We have many students who complete both their Associate degree and high school diploma!

The mission of SUCCESS Academy is to provide Southern Utah students with the academic expertise and skills to be successful in a rigorous Early College High School program and provide them with the lifelong learning skills necessary to actively contribute to our technical, scientific workplace and impact the world of the 21st Century with relevant and significant contributions. 

SUCCESS Academy is a public charter school. As such, SUCCESS Academy does not charge tuition to students who elect to participate in this exciting academic opportunity. Please remember, however, there may be some higher education costs associated with this experience. These costs may include books, application fee, and student/course fees. These collegiate fees are not subject to the Utah Fee Waiver guidelines.

Early College High School Online is a division of the SUCCESS Academy and fulfills the same role and objectives as the SUCCESS Academy including costs such as, books, application fees and student/course fees. However, whereas the SUCCESS Academy's service area is Southern Utah, Early College High School Online offers statewide services. All online students will fill out the application for the SUCCESS Academy in order to enroll in online courses. The application will only need to be filled out once.

Dixie State University

Southern Utah University